Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meloncholy Theatre presents:

Two assignments for ART 401, The Axolotl and The Fountain. Neither are as finished as I'd like, so I hope to update them in the future.

No time for descriptions right now. I need sleep!


joybac said...

Awesome and moving pieces. They both really evoke thoughts and emotions. Can't wait to see more!

Jerry said...

I love how you worked the reflection into the undersea creature on the other side of the glass...fantastic! The other piece is such a story without words...Great work!

Judy said...

The story-telling aquarium art work is very colorful and creative. I can't wait to mat and frame it for our gallery stairwell where other art work of yours, Heather, Alan and Crystal is displayed. This piece will truly be a focal point for our gallery!! 'Great Job, Kevin!!!