Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cute Robots

PRJ 400 robot designs and ART 401 concept art. The first assignment in ART 401 was open enough to make it be a general concept piece for Projects, which was cool. It's mainly a look and feel but I tried to make the robots cute in accordance with my game team's design plan.

And they just get cuter the further you get in the game.
And the goal is to destroy all of them. And blow up their home world.
:D :D :D

As you can see I also toyed around with giving them nonsense limbs that fly off when you punch them. I'm not sure why they would have them. I just think it'd be hilarious to beat up bagette-and-fish-limbed robots, watching their delicious appendages fly off in random directions. Then beat them to death with bread and fish.  ...They are so cute!


Em said...

Those -are- friggin' adorable. Seriously. D:

joybac said...

These robots are wonderful! I want to adopt one or two!

Jerry said...

I liked the "super hero saving the girl" pic...! Keep up the good work :-)